10 Ways Farm Kids Use Snapchat Differently

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Snapchat was invented by a couple of young guys who wanted “private” messages in the form of text and images to disappear forever. You can create your own interpretation for the original purpose of Snapchat, but I know the creators of the app never intended for farm kids to use it the way they do – and here’s 10 ways they use Snapchat differently.

1. Its a tracking device.

When a bunch of teenage farm hands need to find each other, they don’t have time to pick up the phone and call each other. Have you ever tried to talk on the phone over the noise of an auger? Its impossible. The tracking device on Snapchat is the best way to see who is at which farm and where to find the slacker sleeping in until 10:00.

2. Follow your favorite breeders and show barns

What happens in the barn – stays in the barn, unless it is SNAPCHAT WORTHY. The newborns, freshly clipped and blown cattle, a show pig following the whip and a daily update from the barn is one of the best ways to connect with a breeder. The unfiltered version is the best version.

3. Show off your irritations with an animal.

Ain’t nobody gonna get in the way of a momma and her baby. It’s a cardinal rule of livestock husbandry. But when push comes to shove and the baby needs some help, somebody has to have to take one for the team and start the separation process. And once its done you can count on some sort of rant to make it on Snapchat. The dam will look like she is going to kill you just for talking about her. We also know about that show animal who just does not want to break. So we rant about it on Snapchat. If I am going to get a broken toe over this whole thing, ya’ll are going to hear about it. Welcome to a day in the life.

4. Confirming a pregnancy.

We all have had that sire. You know the one – you are not sure if he is pulling his weight. He insists he gets fed, never leaves the bale ring and there isn’t a female in the herd acting like she was bred. When it happens, everyone and their neighbor needs to celebrate because money wasn’t wasted on a sire that is too lazy to do his job or is throwing blanks.

5. Display their top speeds on a tractor.

Snapchat really provided some entertainment when it let you track speeds on a filter. Are you really planting in the spring if you didn’t send a snap showing off your music tastes in the cab or how you are racing the rain in the hayfield? No. No you are not. Running anything over 4 mph A BIG DEAL and we all need to know about it.

6. Bench seats in trucks and buddy seats in tractors make great date nights. And it must use the hastag #datingafarmer.

Have you ever sent a snap from the buddy seat in the cab on date night? If your answer is no – you clearly are not dating a farmer’s son or daughter or you are simply not Snapchatting properly. Or you are #singleforlife – welcome to the club.

7. Bad stuff happens all the time. The screw-ups, mess-ups and the redneck ingenuity that fixes all our problems MUST BE DOCUMENTED.

The messes and situations farm kids find themselves in require one heck of story, an angry/annoyed father figure and a really messed up caption or picture. But farm kids know how to get ourselves out of a problem. We have all heard that baling twine, duct tape, and WD40 can fix everything. We all also know that sometimes, the parts guys just can’t get the job done right or on time. Farm kids can prove it to you – just check out the Snapchats.

8. Unique Weather Reports

Farm kids are out in all kind of weather doing God knows what. And you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to snap about it. Who needs a crappy weather predictor when you get the best updates from a live accurate update? The temperature filter has been used for accurate weather reporting since it was created. Farm kids use it more than others – trust me.

9. Because babies are precious. And if they have four legs and big brown eyes they are even better.

Nothing warms a heart or a pocket book than live offspring on the farm. And a cow cleaning off a wobbly calf or a piglet sucking on a sow is literally. The. Cutest. Thing. Ever. SO we document these things asking for name suggestions. Its just what we do.

10. To show off the joys of our lifestyle

We put up with a lot of random, crazy, insane, dirty stuff. But we love the way we were raised and are proud of it. And we will never stop talking about our lifestyle because we wouldn’t have it any other way.