Dear Ellen, Thank you. From a cattle farmer.

Dear Ellen,

Thank you. As an active member of the agricultural industry I want to say thank you.

Because of your comment I am reminded I am only annoyed about things because I care. And when it comes to agriculture I care a lot.

Thank you for reminding me of the reason I got the degree I pursued feverishly over. I cried, laughed, yelled and cursed over that degree. Thank you for my renewed focus.

Thank you for reminding me grace. You have reminded me not everyone in my industry is graceful, especially when their way of life is being bashed. I know you, as a celebrity, have your whole life and career under scrutiny and your way of life is always being bashed too. You still handle it all with grace, often better than others in my industry.

Thank you for learning to use your fame for causes YOU BELIEVE IN. If people loved causes and lived their life dedicated to things they truly cared about instead of the next fad, we would probably be in a better position within society.

Thank you for caring. I’m sorry I do not agree with you and that I am upset. But I’m upset because I care. And you are upset you care. Let’s care together instead of apart and see if we can find some common ground.

Thank you for reminding me everyone is human. We are humans. We are quick to judge and criticize without thinking. We are humans. Thank you.

Thank you for reminding me that working on the defense time and time again makes people ruthless and sour and rude. That when one lives backed in a corner forever it changes you.

Thank you for reminding me that I love agriculture. That this industry has heart. That we love and love hard and love deep. We have pride and passion and we do it all without making a dime. We do it as a hobby, as a part-time income, as a career, as a livelihood, as a fulltime income for a family.

Thank you Ellen,

Because sometimes I just need a reminder.

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