About Me

Bridget’s favorite place in the world is on a front porch – its where she entertains, socializes and works. Bridget has fond memories from her childhood with the porch swing – at her grandparents’ farmhouses, at her own house and recreating the warmth and hospitality on apartment patios all over Missouri. 

Bridget credits 4-H and FFA to where she is in life – both personally and professionally. After projects in photography and livestock, Bridget found her passion.

By serving as reporter for her 4-H club and FFA chapter, starting a blog in college and taking journalism classes, Bridget learned the power of communication. She has grown to enjoy sharing ordinary people with extraordinary stories with others. This has accumulated into a perfect storm. Now, Bridget thrives when she is using communications, media and intuition to share the story of agriculture and rural America.

Based on her love of photography, writing, communications and the agriculture industry, Bridget received a degree in agriculture, communications and political science from Missouri State University in Springfield.

Now located in the Kansas City area, has brought the front-porch lifestyle to various families, organizations and businesses in the midwest. Contact her today to see how she can serve your needs!