Farm Management and Marketing

As a 4th generation beef farmer, Bridget knows and loves the agriculture industry. But she also knows its not easy to roll a profit with every odd stacked against you.

One of the easiest ways to move from the red to the black is to diversify an operation and change the way farmers market their product. This is where Front Porch Freelance comes in.

Bridget has specialized in helping beef producers market their products differently – from cow/calf, stockers and backgrounders all the way to the finishers. Finding new ways to market food products is her specialty and she wants to help move your profit margin to benefit you and your operation.

Farm management and consulting packages start with a conversation with Bridget – a dream session that turns into a plan. Bridget meets you where you are. She has worked with producers with 10 head wanting to expand their operation to stockers with 3000 head in the lot all the way to the producer taking their cattle from start to finish.

During that conversation, Bridget hears the hopes, dreams and goals farmers have set for their operation. She offers up options the farmer can pursue and from then on, her relationship with producers grows. She knows the more she cares about the clients and projects she takes on, the better results in the end. Let us know if you have a dream, a goal and a vision and need direction.