Graphic Design Internship

The Graphic Design Internship is structured as a freelance opportunity. We are looking for someone to work on design projects as they come up. As of now, there will be 1-4 projects a month – depending on client needs, intern workload and other projects. They can be located anywhere in the United States but must have access to reliable internet.

An agriculture background is a bonus but not required. We would rather find someone who is good at graphic design and willing to learn a different industry.

There is no exact start/end date. The ultimate goal is to foster a longer-term relationship with a potential contracted or hired graphic designer.

College credits for internships can be gained and agreed upon. Pay will be determined by the project as the intern will be able to accept or deny projects. This also allows the intern to accommodate a grueling project-heavy college schedule, a job or family obligations.

Future projects include creating precise and clean animal cut-outs and usable outlines, livestream sponsor banners, logos, print materials and website graphics. Initiative is appreciated and celebrated – if you are willing to work, we are willing to grow with you.

Necessary Skills

  • Effective Communication
  • Efficient in drawing in Illustrator
  • Precise drawing abilities – prefer not to fully trace from another piece of work such as a photo but will be provided accurate reference photos
  • Create sellable artwork
  • Be time efficient
  • Willing to learn

Please submit a completed application, portfolio link and resume to