How to schedule time with Bridget

Bridget understands you need flexibility – and she wants to help with that. She offers many options and methods of contact. Feel free to reach out!

A ship gets direction from a compass. A business gets direction from a plan.

Allow Bridget to help provide that direction – starting with a compass call. We will discuss dreams, goals and plans. Bridget will discuss services and options for you to make the best decisions possible for your business.

Invite Bridget to work with and for you in-person or virtually for a full or half day.

These consultations are designed to be longer – allowing for Bridget to assist you virtually or assist on-site for a blocked off amount of time. This can be for various tasks such as reviewing bookwork, pay sales tax, organize an office, assist on-site, provide training on projects or collect content for social media and websites.

Bridget knows her clients benefit from consistent interactions. She take a week out of every month to spend time in Southeast Missouri, allowing for clients south of St. Louis, southern Illinois, northeast Arkansas, and western Kentucky and Tennessee the option to meet her in person on a regular basis.